About us

Libra Group

is created by people with twenty years of entrepreneurial experience in the design and production of interior decoration.
The group moves in several ranges and markets thanks to the know-how, acquired directly “in the field”, and to the sharing of knowledge by a team of professionals in the decoration area. The very good production knowledge combined to the design knowledge of interiors and products, allow Lobra Group to reach also markets and cultures very different from each others, taking advantage of the potentialities of the productive districts located in the Italian Northeast.



We design

and develop quality contract solutions based on each customer’s requirements and using the skills of our teams and our partners. We place particular emphasis on both man and the environment and always keep to the schedule.

Where we worked


Italy. Germany, Swiss, Croatia, Spain, UK

CSI zone

San Petersburg, Moscow, Kazakstan, Georgia


Morocco, Algeria, Ivory Coast, Cameroon


Our core values are to build quality construction projects according to their original specifications, on time and in budget. Architectural craftsmanship, engineering, integrity, honesty, and quality workmanship are what we have built our reputation.
Customer satisfaction drives every aspect of our commercial contractor business; even our employees' bonuses are tied directly to customer satisfaction. These time-honored qualities are incorporated into every project built by Ortolan Group.

To deliver on these values, we rely on our wealth of experience. The management team at Ortolan Group totals over 100 combined years of construction experience. Our key employees and ownership learned their craft at the finest colleges across the country, and have served on the most prestigious construction and commercial contractor associations in the Europe, Africa, Asia and Emirates United States.

While our values are traditional and our experience vast, we remain on the forefront of technology as it applies to the commercial construction trade. We have sophisticated systems that are user friendly, allowing the owner to keep updated with all phases of construction from any place in the world with Internet access. Staying on the leading edge of our industry is important to us; we spend more money on employee education, computer hardware and software than we do on advertising and entertainment.


Ortolan SRL is a firm with a staff made up of architects and interior designers with more than 20 years of experience in Italy and on a worldwide scale in contract furnishing field.
Expert in manufacture and design of rooms and products, combined to a long worldwide experience in more than 40 countries.
The company, based near Treviso in the North-East of Italy, is best able to exploit the productive potentialities of the furniture district.
Look at contract furnishing design, find out our work methods and attention to details.


For over three decades Menon has been designing and constructing civil, commercial, industrial and infrastructure works in steel. We guarantee project engineering that is multidisciplinary, complete and detailed in its conception and analysis - from preliminary drafts, definitive plans, detailed design and construction stages through to project cost-analysis. We monitor construction planning and management to ensure precise execution and consignment of the job within the deadlines and costs agreed with our customer. And follow-up maintenance programmes are possible.


Founded in 1988 from the long-time professional experience of two Italian engineers Virgilio Crema and Ivo Giacon, C&G is a company of engineering services focused on satisfying the demands of technical products and services.
At our historical headquarters in Padua there are 25 engineers and specialized technicians divided in to 3 areas: Civil and Technical Systems; Mechanical and Lifting and Electrical area.


The birth of our Company is the result of the idea to develop and to carry out the concept of a Firm with full competence in a position to fully exploit available technologies that go as far back as the 80s; pay close attention to scientific evolution in every given sector;
The determining factor in the implementation of the Company’s ideas, was the owner’s choice to give opportunities to young people by enhancing and cultivating their natural propensity to measure up with innovations availing themselves, at the same time with veterans’ experience in this sector and by so doing, creating complex and high technical projects of a sustained value.

Our Team

Denis Biliato

General Manager
Libra Group

Aldo Albanese

C&G Engineering

Isabelle Tomasi

Ortolan Interni

Luca Menon

Menon srl

Massimo Scattolini

T.M Group Spa